The Evo Stand-Up Arcade Cabinet - Now The Game Rooms Completed!

Once upon a time people would romance about the idea about having their very own jukebox at home, even better how about one of those old retro styled 3 reeled one armed bandits where the player never has the fear of losing his shirt to the machine as he can always open the cash draw with a key any time he's running low. Now there is a new 'gotta have' piece of equipment that will grace any home game room, its finally time to throw out the pool table and install an Evo Stand-Up Arcade cabinet, welcome to the 21st Century!

It looks like the old classic arcade game machine but this sharp looking shiny new Evo Stand-Up Arcade cabinet is loaded with all new modern day technology. Players can play DVD's on it, Playstation Blu-Ray discs on it, they can download all game updates to it just like on a computer, and one can even play one of their old favorites like space invaders just like they were in an arcade except from home, how cool is that!

The Evo can access hundreds and hundreds of different game titles and can combine some of those magical retro experiences from the past with the incredible power of new generation gaming capabilities. With further options to increase the gaming base by thousands it offers the greatest playability that can be found in any domestic game machine anywhere on the planet.

The Evo Stand-Up Arcade cabinet comes in 3 succinct different styles and with its large 28" high definition widescreen along with its dual player control panel has been used by high flying gaming companies the like of Capcom and was even used by Warner Bros. for their Mortal Kombat 9 launch. With its stand out speaker system and crisp sound, the perfect package is complete. It's time to join the big boys, don't be left behind!