The Top Grossing Arcade Games of All Times

The rise in the gaming industry throughout the years became evident since there are plenty of users who are dedicated to play. In this article, we will discuss the top grossing arcade games of all time. If you may notice, the games on the list are primarily made and played during the 80's and 90's. The reason behind this is that this decade are the years where videogames are starting to develop and boom. Listed below are the top 10 arcade games of all time.

  1. The highest grossing game of all time is Pac-Man with a total of 400,000 pieces of cabinets sold. The game burst into popularity during the 1980's. Many speculate that the reason behind the game became popular is the fact that it goes against the trend of violent and space invader games. Also, the Pac-Man has smooth objective with cute and clean characters.
  2. One of the top grossing arcade games of all time is the Space Invaders wherein it was able to sold 360,00 cabinets. The game was made popular during the Golden Age of arcade games. Space Invaders is conceptualized in Japan. The reason behind the success of the game is that it comes with thrilling challenges and conquering style of gameplay.
  3. The Street Fighter II Champion Edition sold 200,000 cabinets and surpassed the legacy of its predecessor. What made the game popular is its advance gameplay and software that is still used today.
  4. Donkey Kong game sold a total number of 132,000 and is created by the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto. Some of the critics say that this game inspired the creation of Mario Brothers. Players take delight with this game since it comes with colorful visuals and easy gameplay.
  5. The Ms. Pac-man game is the female version of Pac-Man and it sold 125,000 cabinets. The agenda of this play is to make arcade games be marketable to girls. This is a little massive since parents see no violent entity in playing a feminized version of the original Pac-Man.
  6. For basketball fanatics, NBA Jam became one of the top grossing arcade games of all time because of the increase support in the NBA League. The gameplay is easy and has less rules, making it marketable to most teenagers.
  7. With its sleek feature and smooth design, Asteroids became one of the top grossing arcade games with shooting theme. It sold a total of 100,000 cabinets and its programming is just as basic as the vector graphic.
  8. Defenders sold a total of 60,000 cabinets with a semi-violent theme since this is a shooting game. Defenders is the brainchild of Larry DeMar and Eugene Jarvis who were designers of pinball games. What made the game really entertaining is that it comes with colorful graphics and entertaining sound effects whenever you hit an enemy.
  9. Another combat arcade game that made into the list is the Mortal Kombat II with a total of 27,000 cabinets sold and is succeeded by the Mortal Kombat I in the 10th place with a total of 24,000 cabinets sold. What made this franchise marketable is that it comes with exotic asian and ninja theme, together with the possible combo fights the characters can make.